Well to get thing's started, my name is Dani. I live in the UK and I have just finished studying film and television at university
As you can probably guess, I love books. I love reading them, I love researching them and I love looking at them. Which is why I normally judge them by their cover first and then what's inside them later. Bad habit, I know. 
To be honest, my favourite thing about books is that you can leave your world for a little bit and join someone else's, where anything can be possible. 

With all my reviews, I will show the front cover of the book. Along with saying who it was written by, published by, how many pages are within it, the blurb or synopsis (taken from the back of the book, or goodreads/amazon), quotes from the book and a rating out of 5. Most importantly I will try not to add spoilers. 

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Okay, now on with the reading and reviewing!