Monday, 27 April 2015

Zali Luna: Movie Star

Written by: Emma Jamvold
Published by: Emma Jamvold
Edition: Kindle
Pages: 161
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Sixteen-year-old school girl Zali Luna has just been cast in her first Very Big Movie. 
But while going to Sydney and working with her gorgeous, world famous co-star Oliver Lamond is a dream come true, Zali also has a very big problem. She's pretty sure that she's the only sixteen-year-old girl in the world who hasn't been kissed, and soon she's going to have to kiss Oliver on screen. 
Zali's determined to get some kissing practice in before the big day, but there's her malicious rival, child star Emma Small to contend with, and then there's Harry, who may have feelings for Zali that go deeper than just friendship.

My Rating: 2.5/5

Zali Luna: Movie Star is the type of book that immortalizes every 16 year old's fantasy of becoming famous. It details Zali's life in a cute but simplistic way as it delves into the life of a first time actor and her agonizing thought of having her first kiss with her massive crush Oliver Lamond. There were some times when I did enjoy this book and I found it really easy to just fly through but unfortunately I didn't really click with the characters making it hard for me to just fall into.
I'm so excited: I can't wait to start. Zali Luna. Vampyre. I'M GOING TO BE IN A FILM!
To begin with I didn't really relate to Zali, I thought for her age she seemed to be really immature and slightly simple. It just seemed to center around her very first kiss and nothing else and as I found her obsession over kissing somewhat annoying I wasn't able to connect with the main character as much as I would of liked. But it has been a while since I was 16 and a first kiss is a big deal when you are that age so it does hold some weight in retrospect. As well as this, I did find that the naivety and youth of the character was slightly adorable and it was sweet to see her focus on the little things and not panic over the large things, such as the simple times when a first kiss is much more important than your career. 
It will be my first ever kiss. How embarrassing. Forever-immortalised on film, for anyone to see.
Another thing that I just couldn't quite get over was the pacing of the story. It felt a little bit erratic in places. But then the result of this felt as though it was written as a journal. As though Zali Luna was documenting her days in her diary, which I kinda liked. Not to mention I found the story quite predictable, so I felt as though it left little to the imagination and even though I desperately tried to get into the story I just couldn't quite reach it. Although I cannot lie in saying that, it was a really quick and fluffy read that you can just fly through. So even though the pacing didn't sit right with me I definitely didn't have any trouble flipping through the pages at a rapid rate. 
I looked out the back window, the whole of Vampyre getting smaller and smaller, further and further away from me, till we turned a corner and it was all gone, I couldn't see it anymore. 
All in all, Zali Luna has an endearing storyline with an interesting premise that is extremely easy to fly through. But for me the main thing that it needed was a little more character development to make connecting with the characters a lot more smoother. Apart from this Zali Luna is a short and effortless read that focuses on light and fluffy romance that just goes all kind of adorable at the end. 

Zali Luna: Movie Star