Thursday, 30 April 2015

Stay with Me/ More of Me

Written by: Samantha Chase
Series: The Montgomery Brothers (Book 3/Book 3.5)
Published by: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Edition: Kindle
Pages: 352
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Stay with Me 
Mackenzie Montgomery is floored when he reluctantly agrees to help out an old childhood friend and finds she's grown into a gorgeous woman...

More of Me 
When Ryder Montgomery shows up on her doorstep ten years after breaking her heart, Casey can't decide which burns hotter - her desire to be with him or the pain he left her with... 

Once again we delve back into the world of the Montgomery family with another two installments of the series. The series follows the Montgomery family as each son, and in More of Me's case cousin, find love due to the cleverly though out plan from William Montgomery, head of the family. Stay With Me focuses on the last son Mac Montgomery and his lost love Gina. While More of Me links and continues with the extended family, this being their cousin Ryder Montgomery and his rekindled love, as William puts hit matchmaking ways to use for Mac and Gina's wedding planner Casey. 
"As long as you appreciate it, Will. Embrace it."
Something that I loved with Stay with Me was that I felt that it had much more emotion involved with it mainly due to Gina dealing with her Father's illness. It put a lot more depth into the character that I felt the previous books slightly lacked. Again the family feel that always runs deep within this series was present and something that I highly anticipated so I was really glad that it wasn't lost, even when it transitions into the larger extended family with More of Me. 
"Oh, Mac," Emma said as tears swam in her eyes. "They're perfect. Lilies for our Lily."
However the only downside that I have to these books is that they are all a little predictable. Mac finds love due to his father's influnence and then Ryder is matched up with Mac and Gina's wedding planner which is again slightly down to Will Montgomery's influence. This isn't necessarily a bad thing when it comes to this type of genre and the romance definitely works because it is sweet and simple. But for me they just lacked a little something that would give it that something special and take away from the predictability of it. 
Casey leaned forward and touched her lips to his, loving the fact that this was reality and not something that she was dreaming.
All in all, Stay with Me and More of Me has the sweet and loving romance that was present in all Montgomery series books. Plus it still has the added family dynamic that is so comforting and caring that it makes the story stand out that little bit more. But what brings it down a little in my opinion is the predictability of the story. You just know when you start it that the guy will get the girl and everything will turn out wonderfully. Having said this I will definitely continue on with the series because who can't get enough of that sweet romance and compelling family dynamic that Chase interweaves into all of her stories. 

Stay with Me / More of Me (Montgomery Brothers)