Sunday, 22 March 2015

Wait for Me

Written by: Samantha Chase
Series: The Montgomery Brothers (Book 1)
Published by: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Edition: Kindle
Pages: 133
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There’s no time like the present… Unless you’re still running from your past.
Executive assistant Emma Taylor is desperate for a little time away; away from her job, her life and from thoughts of her boss’s son who doesn’t seem to know she even exists. Tired of waiting for the time to be right, she takes advantage of her boss’s generous offer for a little weekend getaway to thank her for helping out with a difficult business deal.
Former NFL superstar Lucas Montgomery is still suffering from a career-ending injury. His self-imposed exile from life is exactly what he wants; a sanctuary where there’s no chance for disappointment or distractions and that’s exactly the way he likes it. While his family has been patiently waiting for Lucas to come around and embrace life once again, they don’t realize that it wasn’t just his career that was lost, but his sense of identity.

Lucas thought everything was fine until sweet, sexy and completely off-limits Emma Taylor comes crashing into his carefully constructed world one snowy weekend and turns his entire life upside down. 

My Rating: 3/5

Wait for me is the first book in The Montgomery Brothers series by Samantha Chase and it sets the scene for the Montgomery family. Wait for Me follows the romance between Emma Taylor and the reclusive Lucas Montgomery. I was so excited to get stuck into this book because I really love when a book series revolves around a family. To me the family aspect is the main thing that spurred me to buy the book, the romance part was just an added bonus. 
Why was it that surly Lucas of the little to no words was the one that made her weak in the knees when he gave her one of his small smiles.
To be honest I felt slightly let down when it came to the 'romance' between the two main characters. Maybe because I didn't really like the main characters, especially Emma. I felt Emma was mean and whiny, always being picky and aggressive, which is why I just didn't click with her. She was so focused on being independent, yet she constantly played the victim. Lucas, on the other hand, was a little hard for me to figure out. There was always a constant back and forth between him and Emma, that I couldn't figure out if he was in the right or wrong, or if he just needed to grow up and face his problems.
That didn't even come close to what he was feeling. One look at her and he ached.
All in all, I loved the family dynamic of the Montgomerys, so much so that I wanted a little more of that then what was actually in the book. But when it came to the characters I just didn't connect with them, and it didn't feel like they had any chemistry as they were always constantly fighting on minute then seemingly falling in love with each other the next. Not to mention the ending felt a little rushed and popped out with nowhere. So, overall, while I loved the concept, Wait for Me just didn't live up to the expectations. Having said this, it was very quick and enjoyable read that I just flew through.  

Wait for Me (The Montgomery Brothers, #1)