Friday, 27 March 2015

Trust in Me

Written by: Samantha Chase
Series: The Montgomery Brothers (Book 2)
Published by: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Edition: Kindle
Pages: 130
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All work and no play… would make Jason Montgomery a very happy man.
Ever since his brother had married a woman who worked for their company, Jason has been walking around fending off the unwanted advances of all of the single women in his employ. Now, with a make or break business expansion in the works, Jason needs an assistant he can trust not to mix business with romance.
For three years Maggie Barrett has happily hid in the shadows of Montgomery’s. After dealing with her own unwanted advances from her previous employer, staying under the radar was working just fine for her. But now she’s thrown into the spotlight as Jason’s assistant because he believes her to be a safe choice because she’s married.
The only problem? She’s not.

Working in close proximity wasn’t supposed to be an issue. The lines of their relationship were clearly defined. But when a mutual respect turns into a mutual attraction how will Maggie explain that the only thing holding Jason back was just a little white lie?

My Rating: 3/5

Trust in me is the second book in The Montgomery Brothers series, this time we follow the relationship between Jason and Maggie. Like the first one, Wait for Me, I was instantly intrigued by the idea of the family relationship that would be present within the book and once again the romance aspect took a back seat for me. However just like the first one, I felt that there was a certain spark missing.
Jason couldn't help but smile. That was his dad. William Montgomery took care of others and it was just one of the reasons that people loved him.
Firstly, I still wasn't in love with the characters. They seemed immature and frustratingly stubborn, everything could of been sorted out within the first couple of chapters if only they would just admit their feelings. That being said, this was one of the main reasons why I just was not amazed or engrossed in this story. Honestly the whole story just felt dragging in this aspect. Just like the first book it was constant back and forth, arguments and then lovey dovey scenes, which just turned out to be exhausting to read.
This was about his heart. This was about Maggie's marriage. This was about a situation that would leave somebody hurt. 
Again, just like the first book I absolutely adored the family aspect and how much they loved and protected one and other. I also loved the subtlety of how it was woven into the story. It wasn't pushed and shoved in your face, like in some ways the romance was, it was hidden in between the lines of the story. And I loved that about it. It made me want it more but also it made me admire it in how it was subtlety shown. All I know is that I looked forward more to the family interactions than I did to the two main character interactions.
"When are you going to learn that it doesn't matter to me where we are, just as long as we are together?"
Overall, there were many things that I didn't quite connect with within this story. The main one once again being the romance between the two main characters. It just felt a tad too immature and argumentive. But there was also sweet and little moments that shone throughout the story, just like it did in the first book. I adored the family interactions and their story more than the romance. It did take a while to get going but once it did Trust in Me is a very easy and quick read that you can just fly through. 

Trust in Me (The Montgomery Brothers, #2)