Friday, 27 March 2015

The Fisherman's Lily

Written by: Suzanne Spiegoski
Published by: Touchstone Press
Format: Kindle
Pages: 266
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When Lily Dietz, an ambitious yet short-tempered Asian-American NYC homicide detective, and longtime partner John Fremont begin to work a unique but gruesome murder case, cryptic clues in the evidence start to link with Lily’s dark and troubling past—one deeply imprinted with many psychological and emotional issues. 

Borderline manic-depressive and a self-destructive alcoholic, Lily is strikingly beautiful and spoiled by her younger brother, CJ, a NBA All-Star basketball Knicks player, due to guilt uprooting from their own family history; separations of heart-wrenching losses and disappointments. The hunt for the killer escalates when the detectives discover more than one murder. Someone with cruel and twisted intentions motivated by a taste for sophistication yet also depravity is targeting and brutally mutilating Asian-American women. And somehow, the murderer knows Lily far too well. 
Soon the game of cat-and-mouse becomes a thrilling chase from beginning to end, where Lily’s reality and the people in it begin to doubt her, not only as a detective but as a person. Who will be able to save this damaged soul? Or who will be the one to destroy it?

My Rating: 4/5

What better way to start a crime thriller with a dead body being found in a creepy way, which is exactly how The Fisherman's Lily starts. We first meet Lily Dietz when she races from her brother's basketball game to a crime scene involving a dead body being wrapped in an oriental rug. Seriously, how can you not be gripped by that?! So much was set within the first three paragraphs of the story that I could not begin to describe my excitement of this story from the very beginning. 
Both swallowed their pride and their words. It seemed that getting drunk was the only thing left to do. 
There are layers upon layers of Lily's character, she is independent and strong willed but there is so much more to her that I found myself pouring over the pages being ultimately surprised by the amount of depth to her character. I was constantly being amazed in the beginning because more and more was being revealed and it was just adding to her development in so many ways. I absolutely adored it. It set her up in a unique way that I found her completely gripping from only a couple of paragraphs.
Like scavengers, all of them fed on the detectives for answers. All they received was neglect.
Not only was the character development brilliant, the writing style was also equaling engrossing. I loved how it jumped from one character to another, yes at times this made it slightly hard to keep up with and I did find myself backtracking to make sure I was not lost. But it just allowed us to see more that one view point, like it was giving readers a chance to be that one step ahead of the characters. Which in turn made the story that much more thrilling. There was also many layers to the story too, it wasn't just a crime thriller but also had undertones of romance and family relationships, that added to the story. 
She was so personally familiar to him, as he had at one point memorized every curve and freckle of her face.
All in all, there were so many things that I loved within this story. The case was chilling, the writing was captivating and Lily was extremely well developed. However there were times when the twists were slightly predictable and in some cases I felt that it jumped around slightly without any real reason too. Making it go from one extreme to another which, while intriguing, was slightly confusing. But they were only little things that didn't really affect the enjoyment of this story. Making The Fisherman' Lily a definite read for any crime thriller enthusiast. With it's fast paced, slightly gory and extremely enthralling story it will keep people on the edge of their seat. 

The Fisherman's Lily