Friday, 27 February 2015

Waterfire Saga: Rogue Wave

Written by: Jennifer Donnelly
Published by: Hodder Children's Books
Format: Kindle
Pages: 320
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Serafina, Neela and four others have successfully escaped Captain Traho and his men after their hideout with the river witches was stormed. Now they must stop an ancient evil from escaping its icy prison by finding six talismans hidden by Serafina's ancestor hundreds of years before.

With all the Mer nations looking for them and no clue where to start, will the mermaids find the talismans before the monster is released?

My Rating: 3/5

Rouge Wave is the second book in the Waterfire Saga and picks up where Deep Blue left off, with Serafina and Neela both tryng to find the tailsmans to defeat the evil that lurks in their realm. After reading Deep Blue (full review can be read here) I was balled over by the amount of mermaid lore that was thrown at me. From mermaid sweets to mermaid magic, everything was there and I found that it sort of expected me to understand it right from the very beginning, as there was not much time to process the world within the book. However one thing that really shined was the constant action and brilliant mystery that was woven within the fast paced storyline. So when starting Rogue Wave I was slightly apprehensive on what would be thrown at me next. 
Suma, Neela's amah, swam into the room. The old nursemaid took one look at her and turned pale. "Great Neria, child, your hair!"
Once again I was floored by the action that was encompassing the storyline, it felt like one of the stories that never let you breathe, always pushing you with twist after twist. Just when you think things are going to calm down they pick right back up again. It honestly felt like a never ending adventure, and left you constantly anticipating what would happen page after page, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book.  This was what it was predominately like in Deep Blue, the action never letting you go for a second, just in case you might miss an important twist, because it had to be read. So I was extremely happy to see that this had carried on to the second book in the series and not lost it's touch in that sense.
Though she hadn't told anyone, and could barely admit it to herself, she had fallen for the mysterious Blu. He was everything Mahdi - the merman who'd broken her heart - was not.
However just like the previous book I found it really hard to get into the magical lore and language that was everywhere. The names, the places, the spells, everything just jumbled my mind and confused my memories on what actually was going on and what had really happened. It was much easier going into it by reading the first book again but it still was really hard trying to keep up with everything. Not to mention it made it extremely hard for me to picture it in my mind as I still kept getting stuck on the pronunciation of some things, which would then lead me to struggling to move on to the next part. I am really fussy when it comes to those sort of things though. So it was because of all this, that although there was nonstop action that begged you to carry on with the story, I just couldn't get stuck into it. It belittled my enjoyment from the novel because I was constantly confused as to what was happening.
Neela had done what she's set out to do. She found the moonstone. And she'd found a new way of doing things - her way.
In many ways, Rogue Wave builds upon what Deep Blue sets out to do. There is even more intense action and the characters definitely kick things up a notch. Especially Neela she has absolutely become one of the best tenacious heroines within the book, which is no surprise to me as she was hands down my favourite character from Deep Blue. So overall the only thing that I am still finding hard to connect with was the language and writing style of the series. For some reason, I just don't understand the mermaid magic so I can't quite grasp what is actually unfolding within the story. Because of this I find myself stepping back and not enjoying the book as much as I would like. However I would still recommend this book on the action alone because it is completely constant throughout the entire story so you can't help but be looking forward to what just might be thrown at you next. Plus the cover of this book is completely and totally stunning, so there's always that too. 

Rogue Wave (Waterfire Saga, #2)