Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Vault

Written by: Karen Long
Format: Kindle
Pages: 286
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VAULT: A large room or chamber used for storage of valuables, especially an underground one…
In the unrelenting heat of the Toronto summer, a fire at a land-fill site uncovers the remains of a local prostitute. But the post-mortem reveals disturbing details –the body has been preserved and is not who or what it seems.

DI Eleanor Raven is back on duty six months after barely surviving being kidnapped and tortured by a depraved serial killer. Work is her sanctuary but she’s carrying deep scars – mental as well as physical. Where do you go when the place you feel safest is also the place where you are most at risk?
As Eleanor battles her own demons, it looks as though a killer in the city is making a gruesome human collection. And Eleanor’s fight to save the last victim of the Collector becomes a battle to save herself.

My Rating: 4/5

I was so excited for this book because The Safe Word, the first book in the Eleanor Raven series, was one of the first books that started my intrigue and fascination for the crime thriller genre. It had me hooked so I was really interested to see how long it would take for me to get pulled in for this one. The answer being... the very first page. So it was clear to see that it didn't take long for me to delve back into the logically and organised mind of DI Eleanor Raven but this time there was a hint of trepidation that was missing from the last story and it shows that what had happened then had deeply affected her. 
His dark beard showed flecks of grey and his blue eyes reflected a little less light. She didn't know how to break the ice between them or even if it could be broken. 
From the get go I was really excited and interested to see how Raven and Laurence would be communicating, as the way things were left between them in the ending of The Safe Word didn't really spell out happily ever after, I wanted to see if their partnership had developed at all. The answer to this was definately a yes. While it was clear in the beginning that things weren't great between them it did develop as the story went on. Making it clear that for things to go smoothly there had to be a lot of growth from the characters, which was seen by the progress Eleanor was making. It was really nice to see because it made what happened to her much more realistic and I loved how you could see the strength she was trying to put out was just a farce. It made her much more relatable which wasn't always seen in the first book.
Eleanor felt the airless room choking her. "He applied for a transfer."
Once again the story and the case had me gripped from the get go. It was a mystery wrapped within a mystery and I loved how I never had a clue as to who the killer was. It had me turning page after page and never let me down with the creepy unknowing factor. It was filled with tension both from the characters and from the unraveling case, which kept you guessing until the very end. 
"You were killed in that warehouse Detective Inspector Raven. Lee Hughes murdered you."
Overall The Vault has all the complex and brilliant qualities that was seen in The Safe Word, yet the characters had developed and grown so much more and there was a lot more mystery and intrigue that I found it really hard not to get drawn into. There were times when I did get, once again, annoyed by DI Raven's ability to put herself in constant danger and not open up about her troubles but then that I guess that is just her character. I loved how complicated yet relatable all of the characters were and how thrilling and creepy the case was. All in all, The Vault is full of a dark but original case with diverse characters that finds a way to burrow into your mind and leave you completely surprised but gripped by the outcome. Leaving me desperate to carry on with the series and find out just what will happen next for DI Eleanor Raven. 

The Vault