Monday, 8 September 2014

The 100 Society

Written by: Carla Spradbery
Published by: Hodder's Children's Books
Format: Kindle
Pages: 320
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For sixth-form student Grace Becker, The 100 Society is more than just a game; it's an obsession. Having convinced her five friends at Clifton Academy to see it through to the end, Grace will stop at nothing to carry out the rules of the game: tagging 100 locations around the city. With each step closer to the 100-mark they get, the higher the stakes become. But when the group catches the attention of a menacing stalker - the Reaper - he seems intent on exposing their illegal game, tormenting Grace with anonymous threats and branding their dormitory doors with his ominous tag.
As the once tight-knit group slowly unravels, torn apart by doubt and the death of a student, they no longer know who to trust.
With time running out, Grace must unmask the Reaper before he destroys everything she cares about for ever...

My Rating: 3.5/5

The 100 society follows Grace and her group of friends as they find their world be torn down and threatened in horrific ways. I was sent the book in return for an honest review through NetGalley and I was extremely excited by it because the whole premise of the book sounds terrifying, and something I have never really read about. So I went into this book really excited for what was to come but unfortunately it didn't really live up to my expectations. 
From behind them, a gust of summer wind had shaken loose a cloud of dandelion seed and carried it across the churchyard, each seen picking up the early evening sun until it looked like a thousand droplets of golden light were falling around them 
Don't get me wrong there are many things I did like this book, the writing being one of them. It was so descriptive and creates such a peaceful atmosphere that switches, at the drop of a hat, to a terrifying atmosphere. So I was really thrown back and forth from one atmosphere to the other, never knowing what was going to happen and never given time to relax before something else would start to go wrong and I was thrown into the horror aspect again. Which I thought was brilliant because it keeps you on your toes and really gives you a brilliant idea on how the characters are feeling, as it feels as though you are right there with them. 
Trick groaned, resting his forehead against Grace's. 'I think the world is conspiring against this ever happening.'
There was only thing that really niggled at me and that was how, in my opinion, the story dragged a bit. I felt as though it took a really long time to get into it. So when the happenings started to unfold I wasn't as invested in it as I should of been. Having said this, when creepy things started to appear and the group started to get targeted I was surprised and I was intrigued. I never once got the feeling of predictability from the book as I had no clue what would happen next and who was behind everything. 
Three people where there should have been four.
Overall I did really like this book, I just didn't love it. It did keep me gripped and wanting to read more and the ending I thought was absolutely brilliant. I did not see it coming and I loved how after everything there was still a little happiness. The only thing that I did not like was how it felt slow, like it dragged before things really started to happen, and even when things were beginning to go wrong it still felt slow paced to me. Having said this, I did love the premise and writing, I thought, was beautiful. So all in all, The 100 Society was a good read that kept me gripped and surprised me constantly with every little twist and turn. 

The 100 Society