Friday, 19 September 2014

Itch Rocks

Written by: Simon Mayo
Published by: Corgi Books
Pages: 434
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Element 126

The whole world is searching for it. One boy knows where it is. 

If your hiding the biggest secret in history, nothing can keep you safe...

My Rating: 3.5/5

Itch Rocks is the second book in the Itch Series by Simon Mayo. I won this book in a goodreads giveaway and even though it was the second book in the series I thought I would give it a go. After reading 5 pages it is pretty clear that you don't have to read the first book in order to understand this one, as it recaps the events in the first book pretty quickly, but you do get a better sense of the characters. This books picks up where the first one left off and you are joining Itch and his cousins, when they are once again in danger due to his knowledge of where Element 126 is. I was originally interested in the Itch series because I loved the Alex Rider series and it sounded like they followed a similar genre. But Itch Rocks is a very different and still a great action packed read.
The most protected boy in the world was in his bedroom making chlorine gas.
Having never read the first book I wasn't entirely sure if I would like the characters and not get on with the plot. But I really enjoyed this book, it was action-packed from the very beginning never slowing down always racing on. The characters were interesting and in some cases well developed. Although I kept having to remind myself that the characters were young because there was a few cases where I thought that they were a bit over-dramatic and immature. But after I reminded myself I got on a lot better with it. The one thing that I really adored was Itch sprouting chemisty/elements knowledge and getting lost in the elements when he was presented/found a new one. It was just so cute and while Itch seems really young in some cases when it comes to his chemistry knowledge you really get to see his 'hero' side. 
The value of the rocks was so high, the potential for a new energy source was so great, he could imagine that the government, MI5 - whoever was making the decisions - would think they were a price worth paying.
Overall, I did really enjoy this book. It was fast paced from the get go and really drew me in with the characters. But there were some points that I didn't get on with. These mainly being that in some cases the books felt disjointed, that it would just jump from one bit to another, not really flowing throughout. Other than that I did get sucked into the story and I was every bit interested in the events that were happening. But even though you don't necessarily have to, I would definitely suggest reading the first book first as you would get a better sense of the characters and how they were in the first compared how they were in this one. Not to mention you would know more on the story than just the quick recap you get in this one. All in all Itch Rocks was very enjoyable and entertaining. Plus Itch was very interesting in his science knowledge, you just can't beat reading from a genius' perspective. 

Itch Rocks (Itch, #2)