Friday, 19 September 2014

Fickle Friday Post!

Last week I thought it would be fun do a random post. Then I thought why not try and do a random post every single Friday...but then I started reading The Son of Sorbek by Rick Riordan and got completely lost in the pages and forgot what I was doing before hand...whoops. 
Which is why, starting today (instead of last week) I will be posting a new post that will be something completely random, but still relating to books, and will be part of a new theme called 'Fickle Friday', because you know...alliteration. 

This weeks post is all about my Top 5 most owned authors. 

I have so many books by the same author it is unreal. So to narrow it down I have eliminated the obvious, like J.K Rowling because pretty much everyone has a lot of books by the genius that is J.K Rowling, to make room for the unobvious...if that's a word.
I did have a list of 10 but if I wrote all of them down along with why I love them I would be rambling on for a very long time, which would make this post massively long and who really would want that?

Okay that's pretty much it, so on with the post!

First up, in the number one place, with a massive 14 owned books is the brilliant Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Not only do I own these ones but I have pre-ordered her new books Wicked, the first in a new saga and Stay With Me, the third in the Wait for You series. Plus I am very much looking forward to her new adult spin off series Titan and I am currently building up my collection of her Covenant series and extremely wanting to get my hands on her standalone book Don't Look Back. So I think it is pretty obvious that she is definitely an author that I really love. 
Whenever she releases a book I automatically buy it, or add it to my wish list, because I just love her characters (she creates really hot bad boy/swoon worthy guys) and everything she writes, in my opinion, is golden and I cannot get enough of it. I would seriously recommend her books to anybody because they cover a wide range of genres and would, I think, be liked by many.

In second place with a big 13 is the genius that is Rick Riordan.

Plus I have, of course, pre-ordered The Blood of Olympus, mainly due to it being my most anticipated release of this autumn and I cannot wait to get stuck back into the heroes of Olympus world. I am also getting around to buying the rest of the Kane Chronicles, but as you can see I mainly have the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series so it is not quite as impressive as my Jennifer L. Armentrout collection. 
However that does not change the fact that I love Rick Riordan's writing. I grew up reading his books and even now I still love every single one of them. They are hilarious, action-packed and extremely fast paced that you literally get gripped from the first paragraph of each book. Also I cannot begin to explain how much I love his character Percy, he is one of my all-time favourites and...geez I just love him. 

Thirdly we have the amazing John Green with an impressive 5 books.

I made it my mission to get every single John Green book ever since I fell in love with The Fault in Our Stars and I have all of them but one, which is Let it Snow, so I feel pretty proud of myself. I did feel that the more John Green books I read the more I loved his writing. Yet, unfortunately I have only read two of these (The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns) so I can't really comment about it. My next mission, if I choose to accept it...which I totally do, is to read all of them. 

Next to last in fourth place with a good 4 books is the fantastic Patrick Ness

Like John Green, after I read A Monster Calls I immediately wanted to get every single book of his...I haven't accomplished that yet, but I totally will. What I have read from Patrick Ness I absolutely adored. His writing was stunning, heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time so I am seriously looking forward to reading more of his books and expanding my collection.

Finally we have the stunning Dorothy Koomson with again a total of 4 books.

Dorothy Koomson is one of my all time favourite adult contemporary writers. Every Book I have owned of hers I has absolutely left me in tears and then happiness. I did own 5 books of hers, once upon a time, but I lent The Chocolate Run to a friend and never got it back, which I was not happy about to say the least especially since the chocolate run was one of my favorites of hers. 
Dorothy Koomson is one of those writers that if your having a bit of a reading slump she can bring you straight out of it. Her writing just drew me in and I fell every bit in love with all her characters (especially Tegan). I haven't brought any of her newer novels in a while but these four books will forever stay on my bookshelf and I shall forever love every single one of them. 

So there you have it my Top 5 Most owned authors. I tried to use the authors I have more than one series from. I hoped you like it, and I look forward to next week with another Fickle Friday post.