Sunday, 7 September 2014

Because She Loves Me

Written by: Mark Edwards
Published by: Thomas & Mercer
Format: Kindle
Pages: 348
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When Andrew Sumner meets beautiful, edgy Charlie, he is certain his run of bad luck has finally come to an end.
But as the two of them embark on an intense affair, Andrew wonders if his grasp on reality is slipping. Items go missing in his apartment. Somebody appears to be following him. And as misfortune and tragedy strike his friends and loved ones, Andrew is forced to confront the frightening truth...
Is Charlie really the girl of his dreams – or the woman of his nightmares?

My Rating: 5/5

I cannot tell you how excited I was to get this book, which I received this copy in return for an honest review through NetGalley, because I had previously read The Magpies and absolutely loved it. The Magpies was my first time reading thriller as a genre, so when I found this book on NetGalley I requested it straight away. Because She Loves Me is another thriller that revolves around Andrew Sumner finally believing his run of bad luck has ended when events lead him to Charlie, but as all thrillers go things are not as good as they seem and when things start to go wrong who else is there to blame but Charlie. 
In this alternative future, I wouldn't be sitting here among the smoking wreckage of my life, wondering about what might have been.
I'm not lying when I say that I was gripped from page one. Edwards has a way of just grabbing you attention and keeping it throughout the entire book. Not once did I get bored, I was entirely enthralled by the events that were unfolding and I could not stop reading. I loved how there were little intricacies that connected to The Magpies, that readers wouldn't notice unless they had read the book, it just gave a clearer idea of the timeline when this book was set as well as adding quality of realism. I loved it and I was only a couple of pages in.  Another thing I also loved was how the book was written in kind of a flashback, the main character narrates and he lets you know early on that things do not go as he imagined. So you as readers are informed that everything is not quite as peachy as they are set out to be, but you are not quite sure why, creating an air of mystery and suspense that surrounds you practically throughout the entire novel. I felt as though I was one step ahead of the characters but I really wasn't so I was constantly surprised and intrigued by where the story was taking me. 
'We're perfect together,' she said in a whisper, her eyes wide like she was telling me she'd just discovered that aliens really existed or that she found God.
I found the book really creepy in an entralling kind of way. The little things that stuck with you and the obsessive atmosphere that encases you were so prominent but so subtle that they really produced an intense chilling feeling, which I found hard to escape from. I spent half of my time trying to guess what was really going on while the other half was spent giving my brain little pep talks to stop being scared. 
There she was. She was as beautiful as ever, her red hair catching the spring sunshine that flooded the room. 
I really do not know where to start to sum up this review. It was an absolutely brilliant book. It kept me completely gripped from page one, unwilling to put down for one second because I just had to keep on reading. I loved practically everything about it, the characters were well drawn out because it was clear to see how everything was affecting them. The atmosphere throughout the entire story was thrilling and creepy and left me completely enthralled with everything that was happening. Not to mention how I never even saw that ending coming, it was a complete surprise that I am still trying to figure out how I missed it. It was brilliant. But what I loved most, if I narrow it down, was the subtle connections to The Magpies and the hint that there could be more to come. I seriously recommend this book if you are looking for an intense psychological thriller that will stay with you days after you finish reading it. 
Because She Loves Me