Saturday, 30 August 2014

Tears of the Fallen

Written by: K.M Hager
Published by: Titan Publishing
Pages: 222
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Amy Coleman on a mission to find her son, the only problem was up until two days ago she never knew she had a child. 
Life for Amy is not worth living anymore; she has been brutally attacked; her nightmare of an abandoned child is seeping into her reality. 
There is only one person who can stop Amy's mission for death, a fallen angel Stephen. However, what Amy doesn't realise is falling helplessly in love with the angel will just lead her down a dark and deadly path and right into the middle of an angelic war.

My Rating: 3.5/5

I received this copy in return for an honest review by the author and I was extremely interested because the blurb of the book immediately caught my attention. This book has already been published as a Kindle edition and is the first book in a brilliant series. The book features Amy as she goes on the hunt for her child and ends up falling in love and being dragged into the middle of a war. Everything about it just seemed action-packed and thrilling but I was a little wary of the angel part because in my experience angel books and I just don't click that well. But because every other part seemed right up my street I really wanted to give it a go and I was not disappointed when it turned out be a great read. 
They were soulless, without a touch of humanity. He was the devil, the devil on his darkest day.
Right from the get go, I got sucked into the story and could not put it down. The very beginning was full of action that really made you feel for Amy and want to help her in any way possible. It was beautifully written in a way that made you feel sorry for Amy yet you were able to see how strong a character she was, even when she herself felt as if she was weak. I felt the same with Stephen, he was caring but also deadly. They were both so contrasting and the perfect opposites for each other. I got to admit, that at times I was put off by his slightly stalkerish and possessive behaviour, but then it was sort of his job so it did kind of make sense. Like most fantasy books I did feel as if the romance was slightly unrealistic due to the instant connection and love they have for one and other but then it is what I have come to expect in these types of genres so I wasn't really disappointed by it. And because the romance was so instant it gave way to the other main storyline in the book, which was Amy's mission to find her son.
We did very little from that point; it was as if we knew everything about each other, so there was no need for words.
As much as I enjoyed the story there were times were it seemed slightly disjointed, like it suddenly jumped from one thing to another with little reason. But again it didn't really lessen the story so it wasn't as bad as it could of been and it still kept me gripped throughout the book. There were so many twists and turns that it was easy to get lost in the action and absorbed in trying to find out what it going on.
I just wanted a bit of normality to forget about the supernatural occurrence that had been destroying my life so far. 
Overall, this book was very enjoyable and extremely gripping because as soon as you thought it was safe another twist would be thrown at you making it really hard to put down. There were times when I felt slightly lost as to what was going on but they didn't last very long, as I was once again quickly engrossed in the story as soon as I figured out what was happening. I thought that all the characters were written really well as it was easy to relate to them, even if many of them were supernatural. But the thing I liked most about this book was the writing. There were so many beautifully written sections and amazing quotes that I found it hard to decide the right quotes to put in this review. The way the attack scene in the beginning was written was amazing because it was able to flow throughout the story and the emotion within it was absolutely excellent. I for one was expecting great things from this story, and even though there were things that I didn't exactly click with, I really enjoyed it. So much so that I am looking forward to see where things go with the next book in the series and how things are picked up from the where this book ended. Because that ending was just brilliant and the emotion in it was simply fantastic.

tears of the fallen