Saturday, 9 August 2014

Dark Sacrifice

Written by: Angie Sandro
Published by: Forever Yours
Format: Kindle
Pages: 384
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Mala LaCroix sees dead people—really. After using her psychic gifts to catch a killer, she's locked in a psych ward and must strike a deal with the devil to secure her release. Apprenticed to a dark arts practitioner, Mala vows to free herself and save her loved ones from danger. But she doesn't know who to turn to when her crush on Landry Prince turns into something more serious.


Landry has sacrificed everything to protect Mala. A near-death experience changes him forever, and now he, too, possesses supernatural powers he doesn't understand. Mala and Landry must band together to defeat the dark forces—both human and otherworldly—who would use their abilities for evil. Even as they fall for each other, they must prepare to battle for their very souls... 

My Rating: 3/5

I received this book in return for an honest review through NetGalley. Dark Sacrifice is the second book in the Dark Paradise series and it picks up a couple of months where the last book left off. The series follows Mala and her discovery and troubles around magic and her ability to see the ghosts of the dead. I was really excited to read this book because I just loved how the premise and story sounded and I really wanted to see what it was all about. Plus, i'm not going to lie, I am in love with the covers of these series so that was another deciding factor for me. If it looks pretty, i'm going to want to give it a try.
Moonlight peeks through the branches above our heads, shining across her face. She glows like an angel sent down from heaven.
First let me start off by saying that I really like Sandro's writing style because it is so descriptive that you are pulled into the story that much quicker. The dual perspective and fast paced style are some of the things I like about this book because it allows you to understand her characters more as well as creating a gripping and captivating atmosphere, even though for me there wasn't really a lot going on. So I was genuinely sucked into the story, but in some cases not understanding why because I was slightly disappointed on how not a lot was happening. As well as this, there were times when I got lost as to what was going on because the skipped through points and jumped to others, which in turn made it hard to follow. Having said this there was a really creepy atmosphere throughout the book because it felt as though the characters were being watched and followed, so you were constantly wondering what the fudge was going on, which I really like because it showed that the characters were in danger and something big could happen at any minute. 
Or I got lucky. The Goldilocks who has been living in my house, sleeping in my bed, and eating my food left before I arrived.
Unfortunately I wasn't really thrilled with the relationship of Laundry and Mala, the constant does he, doesnt he feel was just annoying and irratating to me because I just wanted them to make up their minds and to get on with it already. On one side you have Laundry who is constantly questioning himself and whether if he is good enough for Mala. Then on the other you have Mala who also loves Laundry but doesn't want to make a move due to her guilt. So both sides are hiding their feelings which made me lack the emotion to care about it because they were both being annoying in their feelings and were taking a long time to notice them. Plus this stopped me from connecting with them which is why I wasn't really invested in their happiness.
A grim tension makes her steps heavy. Silence has it's own weight.
All in all I thought that Dark Sacrifice was a fast paced sequel that reveals some answers that were needed and keeps you gripped with some pretty interesting twists. However for me personally, it didn't thrill me as much as I hoped. Yet this may be because I hadn't read the first book before I read the sequel so I wasn't as invested as I would have been if I had read the first book. I did really like the concept and the writing style of Angie Sandro was fantastic, but unfortunately I didn't click with the characters so I just didn't care whether or not they ended up with each other or what would happen to them. 

Dark Sacrifice