Friday, 11 July 2014

We Were Liars

Written by: E. Lockhart
Published by: Hot Key Books
Pages: 225
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We are liars
We are beautiful and privileged
We are cracked and broken
A tale of love and romance
A tale of tragedy
Which are lies?
Which is truth?
You decide

My Rating: 4/5

Like a lot of readers, I didn't know a lot about this book before reading it. It was surrounded by mystery and I couldn't wait to get stuck into it and find out what they hype was all about. The book revolves around the rich Sinclair family and the dark secrets that one of them upholds and it is thoroughly engrossing book that maintains a riveting storyline. I don't wanna give to much away because I think it is better if you go into it not knowing a lot about it. That way you can still be surprised by the shocking twist ending.
I wanted to touch him like he was a bunny, a kitten, something so special and soft your fingertips can't leave it alone.
I couldn't put this book down, every time I did I would find myself going back to it 5 minutes later, so I think its safe to say that once started you will not be able to stop reading. Having said this, there were times when I was just wanting it to get on with it, to stop beating around the bush. But then that might be because I'm really impatient when it comes to reading, so much so that I had to literally argue with myself not to skip to the end and find out what's going on. But I think that is the beauty of this book, you are constantly asking yourself what is going on, something doesn't feel right, what the fudge is happening. 
“There is not even a Scrabble word for how bad I feel.” 
Out of everything there is only one little thing that annoyed me about this book, and that was that sometimes the writing style just annoyed me. But that only in some parts, in other parts I loved it. It is a thrilling, gripping, intricate read that has a stunning surprise ending that will stay with you for weeks. 

We Were Liars