Monday, 21 July 2014


Written by: Marie Lu
Published by: Penguin
Pages: 354
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June Iparis, Agent, Los Angeles City Patrol, 15, Female, 5FT 4IN. 350,000 Republic Notes Reward
If seen, report immediately to your local official
That's what the republic wants their people to think. 
That I'm missing.
What they don't say is they want me Dead.
I helped Day, the country's most notorious criminal, escape his execution, aided the rebel patriots in a staged uprising and turned my back on the republic.
But I won't turn my back on Day...

My Rating: 5/5

I went into this book straight after I read Legend because I just couldn't wait to see what happens next. What I didn't expect was the sequel to be as good as the first book maybe even better. Because I have read so many series when the second book lags a bit in comparison to the first. So I was nervous but excited to carry on the story from Legend. We left June and Day in Legend when they were on the run from the Republic, and we pick up a couple of days after in Prodigy. So its fair to say that Prodigy remains as action packed from the very beginning, similar to Legend, and in turn a really amazing and gripping read. 
Love is illogical, love had consequences--I did this to myself, and I should be able to take it.
The only draw back I found in Legend was that, for me, there wasn't enough backstory to the world that Legend was sent in. I wanted to know why there were trials, what divided American society, what were the differences between the Republic and the Colonies etc. And it is safe to say that Prodigy definitely delves into the back story a lot more. You find out so much more history about the world they are set in, like what happened in the beginning that set the two sides against each other. Learning more about what the republic was first like in the beginning and comparing them to the colonies and the 'old' United States of America. So really the only thing I didn't like in Legend was swept away in Prodigy, which I think is pretty fantastic and makes it a much more enjoyable read.
Yeah, something was wrong. That was the understatement of the year.
The mystery that was present in Legend is even more pronounced in Prodigy. There were so many surprises that jumped out at you when you were least expecting them. So many things that you were just not expecting when the mystery was being unraveled. Which in turn made it that much more gripping because I did not know what was about to be revealed and what would happen next. It left me on the edge of my seat, figuratively speaking.
All it takes is one generation to brainwash a population and convince them that reality doesn't exist
Overall, I found that what lacked in Legend was fixed in Prodigy and seeing that Legend was an absolutely fantastic read, Prodigy was just a stunning action-packed and amazingly gripping read that sits with you even after reading and urges you to carry on with the final book in the series  as soon as possible. Because seriously, after that ending how can you not want to find out what happens to the characters. Prodigy has opened me up to the possibilities that dystopian novels exude and really encouraged to try more in the future. It is a seriously beautiful and engrossing read. 

Prodigy (Legend, #2)