Sunday, 27 July 2014

Agent 21: Reloaded

Written by: Chris Ryan
Published by: Red Fox
Format: Kindle
Pages: 333
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Sneak on board an enemy ship. Gather information. And then destroy it...
A year ago Zak Darke became Agent 21, working undercover for a shadowy government agency. But for now, training is over. Zak is in seriously deep water.

My Rating: 4/5

This is the second book in the Agent 21 series, a series that revolves around teenage spy, Zak Darke, following his training and the missions he goes on. I read the first book in the series (read the review here) recently and after finishing it I was really excited to continue the series as it was a really enjoyable start to the series. However I don't think you need to read the first book before you read this one as the premise and story are quite self explanatory. So you are never lost as to what is going on or to what has happened to the characters before this, because the book itself touches on the previous story and what happened in it. After reading the second I can admit that I liked this one a little more as I felt the characters were a lot more developed and the story was slightly more gripping. 
There are good times and bad times to do almost everything in life. Everything, that is, except visit a grave.
What I liked most about this book is that it is split into two separate missions, one that follows Zak and the other that follows his 'guardian angels'. So you get two read about two different missions at the same time, which I thought made the book that more interesting and engrossing, because it gave us a break from reading just about Zak. Don't get me wrong I love Zak, but it was refreshing reading from a different perspective from time to time. Also because the missions were different, both gave off different atmospheres. While reading one I was really creeped out because it gave off the feeling of being stalked and that people are watching you, as that was what was happening with the character in the middle of this mission. But on the other, Zak's mission, it was more an action atmosphere as stuff was constantly happening, there wasn't a break between anything. When one big action-packed thing ended another one began. It was constantly moving, making it really intense and fast paced. So it was easy to see a contrast between the two missions and I loved that.
Thousands of miles away, in the darkness of 63 Acacia Drive, a mechanical cuckoo burst from the clock in the dining room. It cheeped twice.
Another thing I liked about the book was it was clear to see the character growth between the first and second book. The relationships became more pronounced and I was really able to fall in love with the characters as you were able to see their different personalities more. Even though only a little time has passed from the first book, the characters were a lot stronger and, Zak especially, were more efficient. So it was clear to the progression of the characters from the first to second book, they felt more like a family rather than a team. 
When your enemy is clever, be cleverer.
Overall, this book adds to a increasingly enjoyable series that used a cunning twist to keep it's readers engaged. It used tons of suspense and action to grip its readers and make a thrilling atmosphere from chapter to chapter. I personally enjoyed this book a little more than the first book as I felt that it was a lot more developed in many different ways and I loved the unique point of switching between two different missions. Making it a lot more enjoyable espionage read for me and encouraging me to carry on with the series even more. 

Agent 21: Reloaded (Agent 21, #2)