Thursday, 31 July 2014

Agent 21: Deadfall

Written by: Chris Ryan
Published by: Random House Children's Publishers
Format: Kindle
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Zak Darke is sent on what seems like a straightforward surveillance op in South Africa but it soon turns into the toughest, most dangerous mission he has ever faced. An old enemy has teamed up with a terrifying gang of child soldiers and Zak is caught in the middle. Having travelled to the heart of the African jungle, will he make it out alive . . . ?

My Rating: 4/5

I received this book in turn for an honest review from RHCP Digital through NetGalley. Let me start out by saying that I have really enjoyed the first 3 books in the Agent 21 series (read all the reviews of them here). It really grew on me the longer I stayed with them because I think the books have just gotten better and better as Zak has grown. So I was really excited to get into and start reading Deadfall, the fourth book in the series, which follows teenage secret agent Zak Darke as he goes on another mission to save the world and further his training. 
It was a horrible, low moan, like the hum of insects somewhere on the edge of Zak's hearing. The sound of terror.
Deadfall has everything the other Zak Darke stories had. Constant action, mind-blowing atmospheres and edge of your seat twists and turns. So it lived up to it's expectations in my eyes because it is still a gripping and panic inducing novel that is needed for the spy genre. Yet it mixed in the good role models and strong heroes needed for the young audience. Which is one of the many things I love about the Agent 21 series because even though they thrive in non-stop action, they also always weave in lessons and relationships that really stay with you throughout the entire story. 
Zak thought about that for a second. 'Oh, I have a family all right,' he said finally. He pointed at Raf and Gabs. 'They're right here.'
Overall, I thought this book was a really good addition to the Agent 21 series as once again it adds to the growth of the main character Zak so you really feel that he is maturing and developing over a short length of time. Not to mention the story itself is completely nail biting and thrilling so once you start reading it is difficult to stop. Having said this, it was not my favourite out of the whole series as I felt that even though it lived up to it's expectations, it lacked a little something that I found in Agent 21: Codebreaker (the third book) as I wasn't as engaged with it as I was with the previous book. I think that's mainly because I loved the premise in the third book, but in this one I felt as though I knew what was coming and in some cases it was a little predictable. Especially in terms of the ending, I guessed that a mile away. So all in all I felt that it was missing the mystery that I had come to love in the rest of the series, but it was still a fantastic and gripping read. 

Deadfall (Agent 21, #4)