Sunday, 27 July 2014

Agent 21: Codebreaker

Written by: Chris Ryan
Published by: RHCB Digital
Format: Kindle
Pages: 321
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Special agent Zak Darke is back for his third mission - and the stakes have never been higher.
An unknown bomber is conducting a terror campaign in London. After an explosion on the tube leaves someone dead, Zak and his team are brought in to try and work out how his terror cell operates - but clues are scarce and they have no idea where, or when, the bomber will strike next. A teenage boy, currently detained in a young offender's institute, claims he has the answer - but before Zak can question him, the boy is shot and falls into a coma. Will Zak be able to break the cipher before the bomber strikes again?

My Rating: 4.5/5

This is the third book in the Agent 21 series, you can read my reviews on the first and second books here, and it follows secret teenage spy Zak Darke on his third mission. After reading this book, I can honestly say that this one is by my favourite in the series so far. It was so action-packed and completely nail-biting that I could not put it down, no matter how I tried, I kept coming back to it every 5 minutes to pick up where I left off. Which is why I finished it within a day!
And then there was silence once more. Simply the rain on the cobblestones and the frenzied beating of his heart.
By now you get all the things that you have come to expect from the series, suspense, mystery, thrilling adventures that lead you to an intense action-packed atmosphere. Yet this one feels that much more intense as the characters seem a little more developed and as a result older than the last two books, especially in terms of Zak. While Zak is only a year older than the previous book, he seems to have grown a lot more in his training. Not to mention you as a reader are learning tricks along with Zak as he learns them, which I thought made it more exciting and interesting because who wouldn't wanna learn about secret spy stuff?
"No, it is the duty of our agency to do something a little cleverer, even if we are doing so behind the back of a blundering government."
In this book, the missions follows a series of bombings and terrorist threats so it was easy to see how this book was full of action. When one big thing ends another one starts so I was constantly thrown from one action, suspense filled scene to another. Never given enough time to recover before something else was happening, which I thought was just amazing! However I did find it pretty obvious who the 'villain' was, which is why I couldn't give it a full five rating because I was slightly disappointed that it was so easy to figure out.
Agent 21 gripped the handgun a little harder. The safety was off. The weapon was loaded. He'd had no idea when he'd woken up that morning that this was how his day would turn out.
All in all, there was not a lot I could find wrong with this book. It held up to it's expectations of the series, with it being completely gripping and unable to put down from the get go. It really excelled in it's genre because not only are you reading about espionage tricks you get the chance to learn them yourself. The characters were still strong and constantly developing, which makes it exciting to find out what they will be like in the fourth book. Once again encouraging you to continue with the series as they other books have always excelled in. 

Agent 21: Codebreaker (Agent 21, #3)