Monday, 2 June 2014

The Safe Word

Written By: Karen Long
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 317
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There are rules that every player of every game must abide by, no matter how dangerous the sport.
Toronto has become the backdrop to a macabre set of artistic illustrations: women kidnapped, tortured and horrifically displayed by a killer with a vision. Only someone capable of understanding the killer's creative desire will be able to stop the murders and DI Eleanor Raven is uniquely qualified. Driven by a complex personality, she pursues only the facts, only the things she can see, but never casts judgement.
But she also has a dark and dangerous secret - one that will threaten her very survival

My Rating: 4/5

To start with, Wow!, this is a dark but thrilling serial killer tale. Normally I tend to stick to the more young adult/new adult genre, but when I read the description of this book I thought I would give it a go. Personally I am quite fond of the crime and mystery genre when it comes to television, so I think I connected this book with an idea of the television series Criminal Minds and Hannibal, which is ultimately why I was interested and gave it a go. And let me tell you I am so glad that I did because this book, while dark and slightly terrifying, is a very good read. 
Once inside, Eleanor didn't rush because the victim had all the time in the world and she needed to gather her first impression.
What I found most interesting about the book was how the point of view switches between different characters. It allows you to get a clearer idea on what the characters are like, but it was slightly confusing at times. Just when you getting used to reading from one characters point of view it switches to another briefly and then goes back to the other character. Making it sometimes really hard to keep up with. 
"Here's my card Mr Stollar,"  she handed over the small piece of paper, watching with interest as he hesitated slightly before taking it.
It was clear from the beginning how organised and factual Eleanor's mind was, it felt as though she was constantly analysing, always watching for the little things. But as a character I personally found her really hard to connect with. Don't get me wrong, she seems like she has some endearing qualities but personally I found her to be quite rude and bitchy and it just made me annoyed at her constantly. But what made up for it was the other characters, like Mo and Wadesky, that always made me smile. 
She tried again "Ca-leb" Laurence cradled her tightly, feeling his throat tighten as he recognised the word and its meaning.
Overall, I give this book a 4 out of 5 because even though at first I found this book hard to get into. (I think that was more because it was a new genre for me to read.) I stuck with it and after I got past the halfway point I was completely and totally gripped. I could not put it down! Every little twist and turn completely surprised me and I just had to know what happened! The only downside and reason I didn't give this book the full 5 was the fact that I could not connect with main character. Yet I still think this book is a fantastic read and I am really looking forward to the rest of the series, because that ending?! It left me wanting more!

The Safe Word