Monday, 30 June 2014

The Broken Heart Diet

Written by: Tom Formaro
Published by: Tramonto Press
Pages: 296
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San Francisco chef Dante Palermo is on the broken heart diet: he's lost the love of his life and twenty-five pounds. Can a visit from the ghost of his Sicilian nonna change all that? Not if Dante can't master his melancholy. In the midst of his emotional free fall, Dante opens a restaurant in North Beach, San Francisco's famed Italian neighborhood. As he clashes with his ill-tempered business partner, he begins a journey to career success beyond his imagination. With his heart, however, the struggles endure. On an enchanted odyssey that takes him from San Francisco to Des Moines to Rome, Dante tries to overcome his heartache and win the heart of his inamorata. Full of magic, lighthearted fun, and romance, The Broken Heart Diet tells the story of one lovelorn man's attempt to find true love.

My Rating: 4/5

The Broken Heart Diet is the debut novel from Tom Formaro and revolves around a brokenhearted chef (hence the title) who uses the energy from his heartbreak to focus on his career and his idea of finding true love. I received this book in return for an honest review and to be honest the thing that intrigued me the most before I read it was the fact that the story revolved around a chef. I had never read anything that uses the food industry before so I was intrigued to see how it would turn out on paper. After reading the first three chapters I had decided that I was definitely in love with Dante Palermo. You can't help but have a little sweet spot for him in your heart after reading about him loosing the love of his life. What I love most about the book is the real sense of vulnerability that Dante exudes when on a mission to get his dream back on track and find his one true love. Because who hasn't come out a breakup feeling like they might break any second. And the wisdom and advice his 'Nonna' constantly gave him throughout the (in weird ways) was always so loving and helpful that you couldn't but get caught up in it.
"Broken heart diet? Doesn't look like there's any food on that diet." Dante chuckled. "Not a lot, no." Martin Held up his glass of Maker's Mark. "Well, here's to getting fat and happy."
Tom Formaro uses a simple and charming narrative to show his readers how someone can loose their heart and find it again. His funny and endearing writing style allows you to fall in love with the characters and cheer with happiness when things start to work out for them. The honest and descriptive way the food is used and described in the book just sings to you, especially the reasons why Dante loves cooking and how he cooks. Not to mention the way it makes you really hungry for Italian food. He writes perfectly on how a break up can mess with your whole head and takes a while for everything to be right again.
"So when she broke up with me, my truth, my reality dropped out from under me. And I feel like I've been in free fall ever since."
Overall I did like this book but I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. While the writing style was a gorgeous mix of depressing narrative and contrasting witty one liners. I felt that the plot was a bit a predictable on who his true love was and it took a long time to get into the recovery of a broken heart. Just as Dante would start to feel happier, he would constantly take a step back into the depressed desperate phase. So it was just a little bit repetitive to me. Having said this I did love the characters and I felt the book was spectacular in showing what it takes to mend a broken heart.

The Broken Heart Diet