Saturday, 28 June 2014


Written by: Tom Wright
Published by: Canongate
Pages: 353
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The day after a terrible storm, electricity still crackling in the air, a woman is found dead on the outskirts of a Texan town. She has been brutally attacked and nailed to a cross.
The victim is Dr Deborah Gold, a psychologist who has taken a lot of people's secrets to her grave. 
Which means a lot of suspects for Detective Jim Beaudry Bonham to investigate. And lately he could use some psychological help himself.

My Rating: 5/5

The first sentence of this book immediately captures your attention! So it's fair to say that I was gripped for the first sentence of Blackbird. I mean, this book is scary good! I believe the book is the second in the John Bonham series but can be read as a standalone.The book itself is a Mystery Thriller that revolves around the murder case of Dr Deborah Gold. Along with the twists and turns that come with it and some slight hints of supernatural aspects with the main character having clairvoyant tendencies and feelings.
But intense as it was, the image had no staying power, dissolving almost immediately to leave me staring at the chess board behind it.
There were times when I got a little lost in the book due to the very descriptive writing style, not to mention some of the dialogue with the character Mouncey, but it is very easy to pick back up and start again. Plus it gave an insight and realness to where the book was set due to her accent being very texan. The writing style, whilst very descriptive, draws you in and encourages you to keep on reading due to the feeling that you are actually inside the book and witnessing these events first hand. I also loved that the flashbacks that were woven into the story because it made it feel like there was a story within a story. Like there was two stories in one. One following the murder case and one showing the life of the main character, adding more depth to story and the main character.
Pointing to the cupped brown nest in the dry cattail stalks fringing the shallow end of the pond, she said, 'Did blackbirds build those?'
The themes in the book are pretty dark, but that's what to expect with a thriller genre, and the pace and flow of the book is surprisingly fast. Wright is really good in giving background detail whilst also focusing on the case so the pace isn't stunted in any way. Making it a really easy read as you get drawn in and mesmerised by the events that are happening within it, producing a hard to put down effect.
Finally she stood back and said, 'I love the sound of your heart.' She kissed the tip of her finger and touched it to my nose.
Overall, I can't tell you how much I just love this book. It's a dark book that explores really dark themes. But it lightens with characters and their wholesome personalities. They're not perfect but they don't try to be. The relationships between Jim Bonham, LA and his collegues are so strong and loyal that the book doesn't feel so depressing and scary with them in it.  I love how Tom Wright ended the book by tying everything, that needed to be explained, up in the last couple of chapters. It felt right as a reader to know that nothing was left unexplained and the characters can move on from it. I for one am amazed and gobsmacked by Wright's writing and I am definitely going to get my hands on more of his books. Because, seriously, his writing is beautiful.