Thursday, 5 June 2014


Written by: Susan Ee
Published by: Hodder & Stoughton (UK)
Pages: 325
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It has been six weeks since the angels returned to Earth and destroyed the world as we know it.
When they fly away with a helpless little girl. Her sister Penryn will do anything to get her back...

My Rating: 3/5

To be honest I am not a massive fan of angel books but I felt I should give this book a try, because of the amount of people that did really like it, and after reading this book I am really conflicted about it because I do really like it. Yet for some reason, I just felt unfulfilled throughout the book and nothing really sprang out to me to make me love it. I do like the concept of the book and the idea of the lengths someone would go to save someone they love. This part, to me, felt like it was the main strength of the book and was the one of the only reason why I did in fact like the book. 

We now play a permanent game of I-am-crazier-and-scarier-than-you. And in that game, my mother is our secret weapon
Having said this, at the beginning of this book I was completely gripped and just could not put it down. I don't know if this was because I had heard so many amazing and good things about this book and it got me excited about what I was about to read. Although I did really like how action packed the book was, from the very beginning the atmosphere was amped up and I had the edge of my seat type feeling when reading through the beginning. Because I was constantly worried and asking myself on what the hell was going on. But this gripped feeling tapered of towards the middle of the book and I found myself slightly pushing myself to finish it. Like I said before, I did really like the character Penryn's sense of urgency to find and protect her sister. Along with the lengths she would go to did make me like this book a little bit more because I felt the desperation Penryn was feeling and it made me sympathise and warm towards her. But then I didn't really get that if she felt this with her sister how could she feel differently about her mother and not feel the same urgency and desperation over the idea she would never see her again. 
"Why were the other angels attacking you?"
"It is impolite to ask a victim of violence what they did to be attacked."
A shining light in this book was Raffe. He made me smile with his sarcastic remarks and brilliant fighting scenes. I liked that there was a slight mystery to him, how you weren't quite sure if there is something else going on that he hides through his set-in-stone facial expressions. But then I felt let down by how the romance with him and Penryn seemed to happen all of a sudden. You could tell that there was some care towards each other with them, throughout the book, but then your just pushed towards the idea that it is actually something more and it all just seems to happen all at once. It felt rushed and unrealistic in terms of romance, so even though I liked both of the characters I felt let down in the fact that whatever it was between them was not really anything and then just happening all at once. Which to me just didn't work.
Your sense of judgement could use a dash of common sense.
I'm not sure whether its because I am not a massive fan of angel books or whether its because I just didn't click with the book completely. But as a book on its own, I don't think that it will be one of my all time favourites. Yet in terms of the series overall, I will continue with it because although I had some problems there were some great qualities that I did really like. Not to mention I have to find out what happens to satisfy my own curiosity. Because the surprising twist at the end was quite brilliant.

Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1)